Still Waters

Unleash potential with Still Waters


Leadership programme Still Waters

Still Waters focuses on working with individuals and offers many profound insights and practical teachings on effective and meaningful communication and coaching & mentoring. If you work in a leadership role you’ll benefit hugely from Still Waters, as it offers you countless opportunities to explore, stretch and strengthen your leadership capacities. Also, you’ll meet enthusiastic leaders from a variety of organisations, and interacting with like-minded people will greatly enhance your learning experience.



Still Waters enables you to:

  • build and practice your one-on-one coaching & mentoring skills
  • grow your own and others' potential through our Holistic Intelligence™ model
  • expand awareness and become more present and mindful
  • create effective communication and working relationships
  • give and receive feedback to create a feedback culture
  • foster resilience in a changeable, uncertain work environment
  • improve proactive and strategic thinking and behaviour



You’ll develop your spirited leadership capacities through:

  • reflective practices to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence and inspire this in others
  • exploring the effects of giving direction versus encouraging collaboration and autonomy
  • understanding models and theories
  • guiding, enabling, challenging, providing feedback, valuing and managing feelings
  • preparing and managing sessions, setting goals and tasks, holding focus and time scales, evaluating
  • observing: sensing and working with overt and covert clues
  • integrating communication, coaching and mentoring into your daily practice while respecting business realities

In order to allow time for reflection, practice, development and integration, this programme runs over a period of 2 months. Peer coaching sessions draw on each others’ experiences and accelerate learning.




An inspiring and tranquil setting

The venue is set in Anouk’s comfortable studio at Te Arai with sweeping views of the Mangawhai hinterland and the Pacific. Sessions will start at 9am and end at 3.30pm. We’ll provide refreshments and a healthy lunch by a great Mangawhai catering chef. After the day sessions you’re free to enjoy space for rest, play and integration on your own or with the other participants at Mangawhai’s pristine beaches, quiet forests or vibrant restaurants.
Once you’ve enrolled you receive a list of local B&B’s, cafes and restaurants + driving directions.


Need funding by your employer or HR Manager? Download the PDF which explains exactly why Still Waters can help you grow as a leader within your organisation.

We offer special discounts if you work in a health organisation or NGO. Please contact us for options and pricing.

Programme dates

Join us on our Still Waters programme in 2018

Wednesday 10 - Thursday 11 - Friday 12 October, 2018
Thursday 15 - Friday 16 November, 2018


Wednesday 10 - Thursday 11 - Friday 12 April, 2019
Thursday  16 - Friday 17 May, 2019

I’m less self-critical and much more confident

Anouk is exceptionally skilled and really knows what she is talking about. She has the ability to guide and probe, and at times she really challenged me in a way that I felt safe to be honest with her, as well as with myself. Anouk helped me recognise and confront the self-limiting thoughts, attitudes and behaviours I held. This enabled me to be less self-critical and more self-challenging. Now I am more comfortable with who I am, and much more confident in my ability. This has had such a positive impact on my work and my life in general.
— Colleen Tamati (Clinical Nurse Manager)

This is not like all those other leadership programmes you may have followed! This is so much more beneficial, purposeful, appropriate and energising.
— Cathy West (North Haven Hospice)

Different and energising


I’ve discovered a deep sense of purpose

One of the most powerful things was the frequent ‘aha’ moments I experienced throughout the process when working with Nicola. These shifts in perspective opened up new ways of seeing myself, and it changed the way I approach my work and work relationships. As a strongly value-driven person, coaching helped me to work more effectively with others with different values, ultimately improving my relationships. Nicola’s take to coaching is truly holistic and considers the whole person. It has helped me articulate my professional vision and future direction, which I am now bringing to life. Uncovering such a deep sense of purpose has been truly transformative. I’m far more present in my work, and more comfortable letting go of control to simply face what comes up in the moment.
— Vicki Evans (Programme Manager in Health and Philanthropy)

Still Waters is the first programme in our highly successful 3 step journey


1: Still Waters

Grow your people potential and yourself through coaching & mentoring and expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


2: Moving Mountains

Foster your team's potential and create a feedback culture which nurtures everyone's talents and inspires your team to grow together.


3: New Frontiers

Take your own development to the highest level beyond what you thought possible and receive a certificate in professional coaching & mentoring.