New Frontiers

Take a quantum leap to transform your leadership beyond what you thought possible and receive a certificate in professional coaching & mentoring


Leadership programme New Frontiers

This one-year advanced leadership journey starts in May 2018

With New Frontiers you take a quantum leap in developing your spirited leadership and professional coaching & mentoring. This inspiring programme with its holistic approach challenges, supports and equips you in transforming the personal and interpersonal growth of your people.

At what point in your personal and professional development will you benefit most from this programme?

  • You have completed Still Waters and Moving Mountains and you are excited about empowering and resourcing yourself. New Frontiers will help you to grow further and become a professional coach and mentor, within your organisation or independently.
  • You are committed to growing people potential in a sustainable and meaningful way by using peer coaching and mentoring. New Frontiers will equip and support you to encourage change and create a coaching culture within your organisation, helping your people to find a spirited way of engaging with work and life.
  • You want to continue to be courageous in your personal development and embark on a new journey. New Frontiers will challenge you further to recognise and dismantle limiting beliefs and behaviours, be fully present and aware, and unearth new leadership gems from within.



New Frontiers consists of 5 modules:

1. Opening the Way – advanced coaching & mentoring
(3 + 2 days)

2. Meeting of Waves – personal & interpersonal development
(3 + 2 days)

3. Winds of Change – creating coaching & mentoring cultures
(3 + 2 days)

4. Ripple Effect – professional practice
(3 days)

5. Completing the Cycle – self, peer and collaborative assessment
(3 days)

The certificate will be awarded once all 5 levels have been completed.




This highly advanced programme interweaves creative, interpersonal, emotional and intellectual learning within an educational framework, blending together:

  • a vital learning community 
  • ongoing peer learning groups 
  • intensive practice and integration 
  • supervised rigorous course work 
  • transpersonal exploration
  • experiential holistic self-discovery
  • working with relevant theories and models
  • collaborative feedback and assessment throughout

This intensive 5 module programme runs over a period of 12 months to optimise development and integration.


Programme dates

New Frontiers in 2018

Starts May 2018
Exact dates yet to be decided.


New Frontiers is the third programme in our highly successful 3 step journey


1: Still Waters

Grow your people potential and yourself through coaching & mentoring and expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


2: Moving Mountains

Foster your team's potential and create a feedback culture which nurtures everyone's talents and inspires your team to grow together.


3: New Frontiers

Take your own development to the highest level beyond what you thought possible and receive a certificate in professional coaching & mentoring.