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Spirited Leadership brings you a series of advanced programs that intuitively and skillfully attend to the smart and soul of leadership.

"The impact on us as an organisation has been profound and I am overwhelmed by the engagement and progress of the people who follow their programs. The personal and professional growth in this group is phenomenal."

— Christine Barkley (General Manager HR at Rothbury Insurance)


These are our 3 highly valuable and inspirational

Smart and Soul programs


Still Waters

Grow your people potential and yourself through coaching & mentoring and expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Many Rivers

Facilitate group potential, foster collaboration, and embed coaching and feedback practices to enable teams and groups to grow together.

New Frontiers

Expand your horizons and embark on a one year advanced leadership journey and certificate in professional coaching & mentoring.


Do you crave new challenges, new perspectives and new inspiration to recharge yourself – or even transform yourself?

Spirited Leadership has been inspiring New Zealand leading professionals since 1984. Our 'Leadership with Smart and Soul' approach embraces both academic knowledge and the principles of Holistic Intelligence™. Because we keep our feet firmly in the day-to-day we have a clear understanding of the demands and challenges that leaders face within their continually changing work environments.

Our philosophy revolves around the belief that you can develop spirited leadership by growing emotional intelligence as well as tapping into the wisdom of your mind & heart. That’s why our approach goes far beyond offering the standard set of management tools. We help you in uncovering, exploring and expanding your inner most self and allowing authentic leadership to unfold within you.


Unlock people potential by growing your self-awareness and unearthing the authentic leader within.

The future of work is changing dramatically - and the great thing is, as leaders, you get to consciously shape it! Our programs leave people not only restored, resourced and inspired but also equipped with new awareness of their true potential for effecting positive change in themselves and others.


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Your program leads

Leaders make leaders. We believe that the best way to becoming a spirited leader is for you to experience authentic listening and responding to people and situations. The spirited leadership teaching style is rooted in modelling what we believe in. In each of our programs you'll see how we practice transparency, presence and focus. We model flexibility and work with what surfaces in any particular moment. You'll also see us offer clarity in order to help you make sense of our models and approaches, and you’ll notice how we create a safe, open environment for our participants to explore, experiment and expand.


Nicola Campbell is an executive coach and mentor. Since 1988 she has specialised in leadership development and transformation in the business and health communities. Together with her colleagues she has established a strong presence and expertise in putting together and facilitating Leadership Development Programmes that embed coaching cultures as the vehicle to achieve remarkable results.


Anouk Graav is one of the pioneers and leaders in uncovering human potential, building capacity and growing resilience in leadership. She has worked in this area for over 30 years and has developed many innovative and effective models of facilitation, coaching & mentoring and change management. Anouk has supported numerous organisations and individuals in achieving their goals.


Spirited Leaders in numbers

With a track record of more than 30 years, Spirited Leadership has achieved some quite remarkable milestones.


What others say


The best investment in my life

It was the most worthwhile personal and professional development investment I have made in my life. The programme increased my self-awareness and gave me a greater understanding and insight into how individuals and groups interact in an organisation. At times very challenging (and always interesting), the course was made all the more enjoyable by the skilled facilitation abilities of the Spirited Leaders team.
— Suzi McAlpine (Founder of McAlpine Coaching)

I learned an incredible amount about myself and how I interact with others during the programme. It offered valuable learning about interpersonal skills and relationships. The whole concept of self awareness was an eye-opener, while the learning about communication, feedback, presence and The Journey Wheel were profound and life-changing. The course was a deep learning experience about myself, over and above the technical learning required to be a professional coach and mentor. I really enjoyed the flexible approach to session management, which allowed us to go with what is. It was a great experience.
— Brent Procter (Investment Adviser at Hobson Wealth)

Profound and life-changing


By far the most important course

Instead of going through the motions of my day-to-day tasks, I am now using my strengths to motivate and empower my staff and I can honestly say it is the most rewarding feeling to see others grow and develop. Spirited Leaders’ programme is by far the most important teaching course offered to prospective leaders.
— Marlese Weaver (Charge Nurse)

Seven years ago, when I was looking to deepen my managerial skills, I attended New Frontiers by Spirited Leaders. It soon became obvious that so much more was on offer, as I noticed that my views on leadership began to fundamentally change through the process. I sensed a profound shift in myself, from a narrow focus on ‘achieving’ to something more expansive, dynamic and balanced. The impact on me has been profound – I attribute much of the positive change in my life now to what was set in motion during the course. I am leading from a deeper sense of who I am, and over time this has shifted me onto a career path that is more creative, expressive and fulfilling. Highly recommend!
— Adam Cooper (Founder of Creative Leadership)

I’m leading from a deeper sense of who I am


Profound impact on our organisation

Working at Rothbury Insurance I knew that the brokers would view authentic leadership as soft and fluffy and not relevant to their male dominated world. But then I met Anouk Graav and I realised that their programme goes beyond the parameters of your typical learning programme, as it is boldly based on developing ‘soft’ communication skills and self-awareness. The impact on us as an organisation has been profound and I am overwhelmed by the engagement and progress of the people who follow this programme. The personal and professional growth in this group is phenomenal.
— Christine Barkley (General Manager HR at Rothbury Insurance)

Now imagine...

You can inspire your team instead of managing them.
You can help your business' bottom line by enhancing the performance of your people.
You can move closer to your goals and achievements with enthusiasm and positive energy.

You can make your heart sing and your organisation soar.
Are you ready to take the first step on your new journey?


Get a 30 minute Clarity Consult for free.

Do you want to grow into a spirited leader and inspire your people to develop to their full potential, but you're not sure where to take it from here? We offer you a free 30-minute Skype consult to help you find out what step on your path to authentic leadership to take next.


Holistic Intelligence™

As Spirited Leaders we believe that genuine inner change is achieved by exploring, challenging and feeding both the mind and the heart. Working with our Holistic Intelligence™ model naturally results in changing attitudes and highly effective positive thinking and behaviour.




If you are spirited in your leadership, your views shift dramatically

  • You can let go more and trust your people to work collaboratively with you and each other.

  • You embrace wholeness and encourage your people to be truly themselves rather than playing a stifling workplace role.

  • You can see your organisation as a living entity with its own energy, sense of direction and calling to manifest its purpose in the world.

As a spirited leader you inspire and encourage your people to create a soulful workplace where everyone’s strengths are nurtured and their deepest aspirations are honoured.

 Wherever you are in your leadership journey, we can help you choose from our 3 Smart & Soul programs

1. Still Waters - grow your people potential and yourself through coaching &
mentoring and expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence
2. Many Rivers - facilitate your team’s potential fostering collaborative, coaching and feedback practices to enable the team to grow together
3. New Frontiers - take your own development to the highest level beyond what you thought possible and receive a certificate in professional coaching & mentoring

Learning Methods

Our approach will offer you a range of learning methods:

  • we introduce you to practical models and theories

  • we engage you in role play and simulation, intensive coaching, pair and small group work, observation, analysis and peer feedback

  • we challenge you to be aware of your thoughts, feelings and intuitions and what you can learn from them

  • we encourage you to trust your own wisdom

  • we invite you to observe our facilitation as an example to understand and explore the use and relevance of the models

  • we adjust our teachings to the specific learning needs of the group

The number of participants is always limited so you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest level of participation and individual attention. Training days will alternate with periods of reflection to allow you time to deeply understand and integrate our teachings.

Participants tell us that our approach has helped them become…

  • real and authentic in their leadership

  • capable of taming the ego’s needs and impulses

  • aware of the desire for power, success and praise

  • more confident, trusting and inspirational

  • able to tap into an inner measure of integrity when making decisions

  • ready for the next leadership paradigm


What you won’t find in our programs

  • old school management teachings

  • testosterone-driven exertions

  • hollow power talk

  • comfort zones

What you will find in our programs

  • a holistic approach which taps into the qualities of both your mind and your soul

  • challenging insights to explore and let go of rusty beliefs

  • profound practices to un-learn inefficient behaviour

  • an inspiring environment allowing you to learn and practice in a pressure-free way



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