Lost opportunities in leadership

We've been thinking about how much valuable collective wisdom there is in teams and how much gets lost because of the way meetings are held and led. 

Increasing levels of collaboration and pooling of collective skills and wisdom are needed to move with change. Yet even in high performing teams the day-to-day operational focus tends to fill the agenda and the opportunity for growth and change is missed.

For team leaders it can sometimes feel  like they have to move mountains to pull a meeting away from the urgent and ongoing operational issues to create space for a different team conversation - where the focus is to grow the team's awareness, holistic intelligence, connectedness and to enable shifts in perception.

How do we grow the team's holistic intelligence, gather the wisdom and shift perceptions?

1. Commitment and intention

The vital first step is to make a commitment to creating an intentional and practical space for meetings with a growth focus, away from the operational agenda.

2. Strengthen connections

Work in pairs and in small groups, not just the large group. Be curious about each other and find out what challenges you each have. Practice listening!!!!

3. Grow awareness

Have conversations about how you potentially hinder your own growth and that of the team.

What are your assumptions about the team, individuals, progress etc.

How do you inspire your team?

How do you engage your team?

When do you become defensive, describe your behaviour.

When do you act out of ego and when do you act from the heart.

What do you offer the team and what would you like from the team.

Creating space to harvest collective wisdom and grow together is infinitely valuable for the life and spirit of the team.

Be Extraordinary

Nicola and Anouk


Arjan van Woensel

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