New Frontiers

A one-year advanced leadership journey and certificate in professional coaching & mentoring


Leadership programme New Frontiers

Starts March 2019 - One place left!

Why New Frontiers

It is widely recognised that our human potential is unlimited. We are the gatekeepers of our own and others potential. 

If we are committed to growing the capacity of others we need to in equal measure be bold to grow our own capacities and emotional intelligence and face up to all that is limiting us. Only then can we grow capability in others and within our organisations and communities.

At what point in your life and career will you benefit most from this programme?

  • You have training and experience in leadership and the areas of coaching and mentoring and facilitation and want to continue growing as a person and as a leader and are wondering where to next

  • You are excited about empowering and resourcing yourself to become a professional coach and mentor independently or within your organisation

  • You are committed to growing people potential and enabling your people to find a spirited way of engaging with work and life

  • You are ready to be challenged in this next phase of your journey to expand your awareness, uncover your limitations, and unearth new leadership gems from within

  • You are inspired to create a diverse culture in your organisation that empowers  people to be smart, soulful, resilient and successful

  • You are inspired to create a coaching culture that teaches people how to draw on the diversity of knowledge, expertise and wisdom that is already there and have this be the vehicle for individual, team and organisational growth and success.

“The impact on me has been profound – I attribute much of the positive change in my life now to what was set in motion during this programme. I am leading from a deeper sense of who I am, and over time this has shifted me onto a career path that is more creative, expressive and fulfilling. Highly recommend!

— Adam Cooper (Founder of Creative Leadership)





The programme aims to provide an in-depth grounding in the models and practices of professional coaching and mentoring

You will develop your grasp and expertise in growing potential and authentic leaders through your one on one and your one to team interactions.

The programme places personal and interpersonal growth at the core of professional leadership development. 

In essence we take a holistic approach and interweave and integrate practical, emotional, creative, interpersonal, intellectual and other learning within an educational framework.




This intensive 6-module programme runs over a period of approximately 12 months to optimise development and integration

The programme consists of 6 levels of learning and intensity:

Module 1. Opening the Way – advanced coaching & mentoring

(4 days)  19-22 March

Module 2. Meeting of Waves – mastering emotional intelligence, personal and interpersonal development

(4 days) 21-24 May

Module 3. Winds of Change – creating coaching & mentoring cultures

(3 days) 24 -26 July

Module 4. Ground Breaking – awareness, feedback and holistic intelligence

(3 days) 18 - 20 September

Module 5. The Ripple Effect – mastering professional practice

(4 days)  19 - 22 November

Module 6. Completing the Cycle – self, peer and collaborative assessment

(3 days) February 2020

In between modules there will be coursework including practice clients, project work, peer coaching and supervision


Pricing and applications

The full fee for New Frontiers Certificate in Professional Coaching and Mentoring is $13,800 including GST, all course materials and one two hour supervised peer coaching group. Each module is $2300 including GST. 

The programme is limited to nine places. This means a high value personalised attention approach.

Once we have received your application we will arrange a reciprocal interview with you and you will typically know at the interview or soon after if the programme is right for you.

Pricing does not include accommodation, breakfast or evening meals.  We can refer you to recommended local providers who will offer special rates for attendees on our programmes.


The programme takes place in a sunny modern studio located on the Te Arai ridge near Mangawhai, with an expansive view over the land and out to the vast expanse of the pacific ocean.

Programme dates

Starts on March 19, 2019



New Frontiers is the third programme in our highly successful 3 step journey


1: Still Waters

Grow your people potential and yourself through coaching & mentoring and expand self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


2: Moving Mountains

Foster your team's potential and create a feedback culture which nurtures everyone's talents and inspires your team to grow together.


3: New Frontiers

Take your own development to the highest level beyond what you thought possible and receive a certificate in professional coaching & mentoring.